Why to Choose Cloudways for Website Hosting?

Choose Cloudways for Website Hosting for 10 best advantages

Your data is kept on many servers as part of cloud hosting. Given a gadget and an internet connection, this makes it accessible from anywhere. Vendors frequently take care of your cloud hosting needs. Your data is kept by vendors in several data centres all around the world.

Traditional hosting and cloud hosting are frequently contrasted and compared. Dedicated and shared hosting are both forms of traditional hosting. More businesses are seeking for alternatives to conventional solutions. We shall discuss the advantages of cloud hosting even though each hosting option undoubtedly has advantages of its own.

Choose Cloudways for Website Hosting

Why Choose Cloudways?:


Cloudways was founded by Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, and Uzair Gadit on the island of Malta. What started from a small office in 2012 has grown into multiple locations, including offices in Dubai and Spain. Cloudways hosts more than 570,000 websites.Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting solutions so owners can focus on their businesses instead of dealing with the hassles of site technicalities and issues.With affordable and customizable pay-as-you-go plans, when you are looking for cloud-based managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is one of the best options to choose from.

1. No Traffic Limit on Any Plans

Now that we’re with Cloudways, an environment can be scaled by simply dragging a slider within the hosting platform. We’ve also been able to get far better value for money. We are able to ensure that we are always only using a small percentage of our server’s resources, which means we can avoid any potential issues that come with spikes in traffic.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

This would often be a problem with our previous host as our live shows often result in many users visiting the site during a live broadcast.Cloudways plans come with no traffic limit which means that customers are not limited by the number of visitors that land on their website.

No Traffic Limit on Any Plans


2. More Than 60 Data Centers

“Cloudways gave us the option to easily manage resources and configurations on a per-site basis. With very little effort, we could move a busy site to its own server, which we’d place geographically close to the site’s audience. We can collect small sites on a single server and add new servers as needed.”Cloudways offers 63 data centers that are spread out throughout the world making it easier for all customers to choose a server at their preferred location.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

These data centers allow customers from Asia, Africa, America, and Australia to host their WordPress websites without compromising on speed and performance.

cloudways data center

3. Five Different Cloud Providers

“Cloudways’ promise of major speed improvements, by moving from our previous VM hosting to the cloud, was a big deciding factor. The fact that Cloudways offered a choice of infrastructure providers such as Digital Ocean, AWS or Google was another added benefit. This flexibility was something the other companies we had shortlisted didn’t offer.”WordPress users can host their websites on any of the 5 cloud platforms that Cloudways offers, ie, DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS and Google Cloud.

All 5 cloud providers offer great data center location along with some unique features such as DigitalOcean has a premium variant and Vultr comes with Vultr High Frequence, both better in terms of performance as compared to their standard counterparts.

4. Excellent Flexibility

Cloudways is extremely flexible. It already starts with the choice of a server location. Then, the extensive options include backups, creating multiple staging environment, integration with Git, scalable servers.All working parts are where they should be, and missing from the competition.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

The pricing model is also extremely flexible. You pay per hour, which is useful for performing tests without having to pay $ 30 per month.

5. Prioritized Security

Cloudways takes the security of your websites and applications extremely seriously, and bot protection is just one of its stringent security features. The Platform is fully encrypted from end to end, and is further protected by two-factor authentication, firewalls, free SSL certification, and more. Cloudways also recently added the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN to its security repertoire, which offers advanced protection against hackers, and mitigates DDOS attacks in under 3 seconds.

6. Performance and Speed Boosted by Custom Stack and Pre-Installations

Even if you write the best and most optimized PHP code ever, you can only be as performant as the underlying infrastructure allows you to be since much of the work is done on a web service level. This is a huge problem in general since most of the hosting solutions are not configured for performance by default, and some cheap shared hosting cannot be configured at all.

Faster PHP Cloud Hosting

Unless of course, you are using Cloudways with the whole stack optimized for performance by default. I have worked with many different hosting solutions over the years and Cloudways is the first one I have encountered so far that has preconfigured PHP-FPM as the default PHP handler. Well, the second actually, the first one was a small web server a friend of mine was managing but that does not really count. Also, the one-click CDN installation is a nice touch since you can offload a ton of workload from your server in a few seconds without any extra configuration.

7. Vertical Scaling

“Scalability and performance were really the deciding factors for Cloudways. We need environments that could easily scale up as more coaching clients came on board. We also needed an environment that wouldn’t bog down as the course materials grew.”Scalability is one of the reasons why WordPress users prefer cloud hosting over other hosting types

. Though it can be difficult to scale a cloud server, Cloudways scalable wordpress hosting makes the process simple by allowing users to increase their server specifications within just a few clicks of a button.At Cloudways, we have a number of WordPress users who are running websites on affiliate models which means every now and then, they run various marketing campaigns that drive huge traffic to their websites. The vertical scaling feature helps them to scale up their websites to accommodate that spike in the traffic while ensuring that the website is running smoothly.



8. Pay-as-You-Go

“The real-time billing feature is a godsend and was exactly what I was looking for, only charging me for the resources used, rather than an arbitrary amount per month! Also, as mentioned earlier, the fact that I could get a new server or application up and running in a few clicks meant that I could get started on building and designing the websites quicker and easier.” Cloudways offers an innovative payment option where customers only pay for the resources they use. In simple terms, it’s real time billing which allows customers to keep track of their billing while they are using the server.




9. Free Unlimited Migrations

Since Cloudways offers a site migration service, you don’t have to worry about any of the above. I highly recommend taking advantage of that service to save time. In my case, I did the migration myself because I wanted to get familiar with the manual process, in case I would have to help our customers with it.”Cloudways offers free and unlimited WordPress migrations through its migrator plugin. Once you sign up on Cloudways, you can download the free migrator plugin and migrate unlimited WordPress websites to Cloudways. The process takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of your WordPress website. Along with that, the process is super safe and completely automated so you don’t have to worry about anything.

10. Superior Customer Support

“Cloudways support has never let me down as well. I seldom need to contact support, but when I do, most challenges are standard WordPress issues that happen with plugin conflicts or upgrade issues.With those kinds of problems, it’s usually just a matter of deactivating and activating the plugins one at a time until the issue is identified. From there you either contact the plugin vendor and/or reinstall the previous version until they fix the issue.However, when it comes to needing assistance, Cloudways and their team members (apart from their support) are ever-ready to help you out. They are really active on social media and there are Facebook groups where other Cloudways users create tutorials and video walkthroughs.



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